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Who We Are

Rock Prairie Productions is a US veteran-owned and operated talent and event management agency based in Oklahoma. We believe that talent is not something that is simply discovered – it requires hard work, vision, cultivation, dedication, and personalized attention.  We strive to guide your career in the right direction.  Our daily commitment is to ensure that our clients achieve their professional and personal goals. We care about the individual-a concept that shouldn't be rare.

Rock Prairie Productions fulfills our clients' expectations with both professionalism and personal concern. From major print campaigns, and national commercials, to TV and film projects, we believe that the client should have a variety of opportunities to explore. The Rock Prairie Productions team has comprehensive databases of professional resources from one-sheet creation to booking to artist representation. 

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This Month's Featured Artists:

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Hammer Lane Hippies
Hammer Lane Hippies
Hammer Lane Hippies
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Meet The Band

Hitting the Hammer Lane with One of Southern Oklahoma's Newest Eclectic Sound Machines

    These musical nomads are a trio that blends elements of blues, rock, and classic country into their eccentric style, appealing to fans from all over the state with their unique sound. It's not just their sound that's unique, but their live performances, too. You'll get to see them rocking out with a father-son duo Tyler Lee (vocals), Michael Wells (guitar), and Gavin Brecheen (drums). These guys are taking the Okie music scene by tornado, with a lot of new projects in the pipeline. Let's take a ride with the Hammer Lane Hippies!

    While most new bands tend to stick to a specific genre, the Hammer Lane Hippies are a refreshing change. Whether it's Tyler Lee's crooning voice or Michael Wells' guitar riffs that leave your eardrums ringing, the Hammer Lane Hippies know how to deliver. With each note they produce, it is clear they've invested a lot of time and energy in creating an eccentric style that stays true to their intent.

    As the recent winner of the rock category at the Battle of the Bands: Warrior Series, a charity event to raise awareness of veteran social programs, the group is on an upward trajectory. 

    The band's music is not just about creating infectious tunes, but they want to use their music to create a positive impact statewide. They're planning on creating a three-song EP and they're eager to stay in the recording studio to finish up their new single with OKC's own Shady Neighbor Records

    Hammer Lane Hippies may seem like a small-town band, but one must not forget the friends and acquaintances they've met on their journey are a big part of their experiences. It's these nuances that are reflected during their live performances. It's more about an atmosphere of support, love, and musical growth. You can feel it in the air and see it on the crowd's faces during their performances.

    So there you have it, folks - Hammer Lane Hippies: three talented individuals with a singular spirit, ready to make a mark. What started as a dream to be a successful band has now turned into a reality and they're gaining popularity by the day. The future is certainly looking golden for this trio.  If you haven't seen them perform yet, it's about time you do. They're whizzing across the state in the fast lane and the next show might just be in your town. Don't miss out!

New Music

 Die Unnamed     Durant, OK     (Metal)

 Souls Worn Thin   Olympia, WA    (Alt Rock)

Low Level Devils     Ardmore, OK   (Rock)

Chad Todd Band     Oklahoma City, OK    (Country)

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Jack Tidwell

Justin Shanholtzer

Easy Customization for Your Unique Brand
No need for extensive design skills or a hefty budget – our template is incredibly easy to customize. With just a few clicks, you can tailor fonts, images, colors, and information to align with your author brand seamlessly.

💡 How It Works:
1. Create a free Canva account.
2. Choose the one-sheet template that interests you.
3. Click the link to redirect you to our Etsy Shop.

4. Purchase and immediately receive your download link to the Canva template via email.
5. Personalize fonts, pictures, colors, and include relevant information.

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Help Us Give the Gift of Music

At RPP, we are committed to crafting experiences that bring people together and create lasting memories. To make this happen, many of the these events are paid out-of-pocket. If you'd like to consider donating, every dollar counts in helping us keep as many events free to the public as possible.

Thank you for your kindness and support.

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MAP explores a rich blend of genres including Folk, Southern Rock, Texas Country, and Bluegrass.

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