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Straight from the Source

"Rock Prairie Productions LLC evaluated two of my songs. They got back to me within a week, and the feedback was the best I have ever gotten from an opportunity. One of my songs was placed on hold for more consideration the other was "not selected". While not being selected stings, the feedback was thorough. Included were the times of the flaws mentioned and exactly what the problem was. This was most helpful. This is a great opportunity to submit your music to."

-Charles T.

"Lindsay has provided me with the best MIP experience as yet on Music Xray. Truly awesome. She has taken the time to listen to the whole song, and provided excellent detailed critique regardless of the selection decision, which I value greatly. Her attention to detail is refreshing, providing a great steer for future work. A huge Thank You Lindsay."

-Ray Dixon

"Thank you for working with me on a production plan.
Really helped me out and hopefully others down the line.
I'd give 10 stars if I could!"

-Jordan Smith

"Straight up & honest, everything else follows suit! Rock Prairie Productions$$$$#### Rock Steady"

-Paul Taylor

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Thank You

The heart and soul behind this company are the creatives of the world. It may sound cliche', but it's exactly what more of the world needs. We don't need a statement to tell us that music is its own rightful universe. We just add or detract from it in the way in which we use it. 

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