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Behind the Scenes with Die Unnamed

"We’re just goofy, light-hearted guys who love to laugh."

This week, we've got an exclusive interview with the headlining rockers of the Battle of the Bands: Warrior Series - one of the hottest new up-and-coming groups in the southern Oklahoma rock scene right now. These hard-chargers have a lot to share about their journey to success, their influences, and what the future holds for them. Join us on an insightful journey into the world of rock as we get to know the band that's taking the scene by storm.

With each member having such similar musical interests and music playing a huge part in their lives, Die Unnamed got its whirlwind start in Durant, Oklahoma in 2021. With Cole Goodson as lead vocals and rhythm guitar and his younger brother, Colorado, as bassist and backing vocals, A.J Fererri rounds out the trio as the band's drummer and supplementary backing vocalist. Both Cole and Colorado hail from Oklahoma City and A.J. comes to us all the way from Long Island, or as we tend to see it down here in the southwest: a different planet.

From L to R: AJ, Cole, and Colorado

When asked how they came up with the name of the band, they explained that it's got a couple of meanings. "We have a song called N.LT.H.B (Nothing Left to Hide Behind), which is a song about not living up to your potential." The song describes the struggles of existence and finding meaning in what you stand for and inevitably leave behind.

"Reject, nothing left

You fight to be the best

You're told, you're blamed

Your fate to Die Unnamed"

"We named ourselves after that line in the song, so it's kind of like, make your mark or die unnamed." Pretty deep, but it encompasses their musical philosophy of evoking emotion in their fans by creating a narrative that pushes people to reflect on their own strengths in the face of mortality. As Colorado says, “I choose to live, not just exist.” And that’s the spirit with which they infuse their music.

With such a wide variety of influences, from Pierce the Veil to Ice Nine Kills to Cat Stevens, the band admits that they don’t limit themselves to one specific genre for inspiration. They aren’t interested in being tied to a niche sound. The band is more than willing to take on risks to explore various dynamics. They explain, “ the heart of all our jams is like bluesy heavy rock, but we’re not afraid of thrash and playing fast either.” There is a classic rock and metal echo that runs through their music that they credit to their early exposure to 80s and 90s influences, like Metallica and System of a Down, making their sound relatable to both younger and older fans.

Die Unnamed has played at various venues such as The Rail Club, The Riglea Room, Big Rob’s (Fort Worth, TX), Diamond Jim’s Saloon (Arlington, TX), and many more. Their ultimate goal is to make music a solid career. With studio time blocked off and preparing for a new single, they’re well on their way to making that dream happen. Opening for bands like AVATAR would be a wish come true.

In the interim, the band has its sights set on playing more gigs and landing some spots at new venues. Playing a festival or two is also on their bucket list for the rest of 2023 and next year. With prior experience as a concert headliner and the current Battle of the Bands: Warrior Series headlining act, they’re sure to check some boxes on their way to the top!

A.J.- “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward."

When asked what the band’s biggest strengths are, they replied that devotion, motivation, and unity are the factors that hold them together in their creative process and ambitions. Another strength that they possess is the ability to realize weaknesses and give voice to them. Setting ego aside, the band admits to procrastinating. Movies, books, and art are hobbies that the band enjoys. Can’t fault them for learning while they wait!

Looking through their reels on social media, I had to ask them if they have any pre-performance rituals. Mine is typically hyperventilation. “Colorado always gets a Jack and Coke and we write words of motivation on A.J.’s snare drum.” I don’t doubt it. But do they have anything that they want to improve with that performance-oriented process? Cole says, “I’m always trying to improve the way I write lyrics and storytelling.” A.J. is open to any ideas and likes to see where they creatively lead him. Colorado has the will to be even more proactive and improve his skills.

Die Unnamed is a band on the rise, and it’s this self-awareness about their strengths, weaknesses, and drive that makes them stand out. (That, and their reels are hilarious.)

So, I had to ask them, as a headliner for the Battle of the Bands: Warrior Series, what advice would they give to younger musicians coming up in this age of information overload.

“Practice. Play anywhere you can and don’t get discouraged.”

And as Cole so succinctly put it: “If we mess up, it’s part of the show.”

Listen to their latest single, “The Charade” on Spotify at

Hear Cole explain the meaning behind “The Charade” and breaking down the walls of perception.

Stay tuned for the band's upcoming headlining performance at the 2023 Battle of the Bands: Warrior Series, Pontotoc County Agri-Plex & Convention Center (Ada, OK) , July 15th.


Jun 28, 2023

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Jun 27, 2023

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