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Introducing the 2024 Ultimate Indie Bundle, a comprehensive collection of 14 guidebooks and directories designed for indie artists and artist managers. Say goodbye to expensive courses and save countless hours of scouring the internet – this bundle provides everything you need to kickstart and maintain your career in the music industry.


With ready-to-use templates and easy-to-understand guides, the 2024 Ultimate Indie Bundle is the perfect starter kit for emerging and established artists and artist managers. Whether you're looking to book shows, pitch to labels, or build your fanbase, this bundle has got you covered.

The directories included  contain thousands of industry contacts, right at your fingertips. Easily find and connect directly with A&Rs, promoters, program directors and other professionals in the industry to help grow your music career.


Kit contains:


1000+ Music Blogs: A Promo Directory for Indie Artists- With direct links to over a thousand national and international blogs spanning a wide range of genres, this directory can be used to connect with music bloggers the world over.


Social Media Promo: A Handbook for Indie Artists and Managers- Designed to help musicians navigate the digital landscape with tips on topics such as creating compelling content, storytelling, and building an engaged fanbase.


Film/TV Contact: A Directory for Indie Artists- A manual packed with over 100 national film and television music supervisor contacts, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.


Sign Here: A Brief Guide to Basic Music Contracts and Agreements-191 page comprehensive ebook with over 60 contract templates designed to cover almost every aspect of an artist’s career, covering management and studio contracts, sync agreements and many more.


College & Indie Radio- A directory of over 120 national radio stations, including email addresses for programmers and directors.


Your Indie Touring Toolkit: A  Booking Guide for Artists and Managers- A comprehensive guide that helps emerging artists and artist managers build a solid foundation of understanding the fundamentals of touring, covering topics like EPK creation and templates.


Check Your Inbox: Creating Attention-Getting Emails- A handbook filled with info on topics like crafting captivating subject lines to structuring persuasive pitches.


Pitch & Promo: 2024 Quick Guide to Artist PR- Handbook with tips from industry professionals on how to to craft compelling pitches, snag media coverage, and elevate your brand's visibility. 


Music Contracts: A Brief Overview- A supplemental guide to “Sign Here” containing info on various critical music industry contracts.


1300 Magazine & Newspaper Contacts-A directory providing direct links to websites and  submission forms for online newspaper and ezine contacts, making it easy for you to reach out to editors and journalists who can help amplify your story and music to a broader audience.


2024 Online Resources for Indie Artists: A Digital Handbook- A comprehensive ebook that is filled with over 160 invaluable websites and apps from legal services, fundraising, song placement, and more.


Press Release Templates for Indie Artists- Made for musicians looking to streamline their promotional efforts via email, containing a diverse collection of templates covering everything from fan updates to new releases to festival and concert promotion and can be used with the “Check Your Inbox” as well as “Pitch & Promo”  guides.


Where Do I Go From Here?: Development and Planning Questionnaire for Indie Artists- A checklist for establishing your music career.


Talent Scouts: An Indie Directory of A&R Contacts- A directory containing names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of US and Canadian A&Rs. 

2024 Ultimate Indie Bundle

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